Creative Works

Dance Film & Live Performances

Iā€™m currently working on a few dance pieces that I hope to film. I am interested in creating more works that can be filmed and/or viewed in the round meaning that the audience can view the piece from any angle.

Let's Vlog.....

So I've decided to start least try to start vlogging or making short videos of my day. I don't talk in most of my videos so I don't know if that means that I'm not vlogging however I'm still documenting what I am doing. Either way this is my experiment so lets see how this turns out. 

Playing Around with my Drone

I recently bought a drone (which was an impulse buy lol). I love editing video and with the drone I can take beautiful aerial shots and video of places I visit. I have some cool ideas with this drone and look forward to using it more!

 Goodyear Skyline Residency Project

A video I created as part of the Triptych Collective's residency with the Skyline Artists in Residence project in Charlotte, NC. 

Until the demolition of the Goodyear tire shop, this short-term artist residency project provides studio space, a stipend, and a showcase for three outstanding Charlotte artists or groups of artists each month, including installation art, sculpture, painting, theater, dance, and music. This project will transform the Goodyear building, the future home of Tryon Place. Resident artists are creating and showing their own work - and altering the building itself. In September 2015, Triptych Collective was invited as an artist in residence and this video is product of the work I created in the space. This was presented during our last week at the Goodyear building on September 26th, 2015. As a member of the Triptych Collective, a performance art group bring live music and dance to unique spaces, I wanted to create a work experimenting with light painting and camera angles. 

The project was co-presented by The Wall Poems of Charlotte and Amy Herman. Huge thanks to Crescent Communities for the space and support, along with Moore & Van Allen PLLC; Parkway Properties; Little Diversified Architects; The Wilbert Group; Troutman Sanders; and Charlotte Center City Partners.

Ancient Cultures Project

Recently I have become interested in recording and editing movement work whether it is choreography or improvisation. My interest in dance film came after I came across a video of Les Twins, identical twin brothers internationally known for their unique style new style hip-hop. After watching this video I was intrigued and wanted to see more videos of people dancing various styles of hip-hop. I then came across a video recorded by Yak Films featuring Les Twins dancing to music produced by Viramaina, a young producer from Russia who has been working with Yak Films and Arxiiiitekture. For me, what has been so interesting about their video is the quality of the videos, the multiple camera angles, and the editing is amazing. The videos done by Yak Films are often short highlight reels of dance battles or short videos from famous bboys, turf dancers, bone breaking, and so on. As I watched more videos, I realized I wanted to create videos using a similar format as Yak Films but for modern dance essentially I wanted to create dance shorts. For the last few months, I have been recording myself doing improvisations to three different versions of Ancient Cultures produced by Viramaina. This will likely be an ongoing project and I'm excited about that the possibilities with dance and film. 

The Limits

Limits is my first attempt at making a dance film. All of the movement is improvisation and there was little planning with the videographer. Because the movement was improvised, editing was a challenge and fun at the same time. It was interesting to see what movements or sequences could be put together. This dance short was submitted to the 2015 Movies by Movers festival, the 2015 San Franciso Dance Film Festival, and the Austin Movement Film Festival.

Performers: Juan Blanco Peruca & R. Bowens
Videography: Enid Valu
Edited by: R. Bowens
Music: "Bad Guitar" by Kace The Producer

Enid Valu -
R. Bowens -

Finding My Voice

Excerpts from my performance of piece "Finding My Voice" performed at Traces presented by Triptych Collective on November 20, 2014 at Neighborhood Theatre

Videography by Enid Valu
Edited by Reba Bowens

Music: Vocals by R. Bowens "Postpartum" by Taylor McFerrin (Album - Early Riser)