"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends." - Maya Angelou

I love to travel and try to find opportunities to travel all the time. I think having a passport is just as important as getting your education. There is so much that you can learn from seeing and meeting people from other places. Even if you travel to different parts of the United States, I encourage all to try to see new places. You will be surprised to see how similar many of us are. 

I Climbed A Mountain

Spend Thanksgiving with my family or see Machu Picchu? This year I decided to spend Thanksgiving in Lima with friends instead of going home to Charleston, South Carolina for Thanksgiving. I have spent Thanksgiving away from my family before but never in another country. I'm learning that when you come across I go deal on a flight...TAKE IT! There are no words to describe Machu Picchu...the beauty of it are truly breathtaking. When you are atop Machu Picchu mountain, you see the mountaintops disappear into the clouds, beautiful views of the Andes Mountains, and an almost aerial view of the beautiful the great Incan city built centuries ago. Seeing so many people trekking across this great ancient city is amazing. To imagine Machu Picchu as a thriving city is unbelievable. I can not imagine what it was like to see the beauties of nature surrounding you everyday. Below Machu Picchu is the town of Aguas Calientes located in the Sacred Valley. From the town, you can see incredible views of the valley and you will be in awe to look up to see the stars between the mountains. Visiting Machu Picchu has been one of the best experiences of my life. I know that I will go back there again. 


I've always wanted to skydive but I allowed myself to believe that I was "afraid of heights." The reality of it was that I just didn't want to do it. However this year was different. I decided to jump this year as a way to overcome a fear, and to challenge myself. I'm glad that I did. I jumped 14,000 feet and it wasn't scary at all. As a I jumped out of the plane, I felt a sense of freedom until the parachute opened. My feeling then changed to awe and tranquility as we floated to the ground. I want to go skydiving again however I will have to wait because it was not cheap! 

BRAZIL AGAIN?!?! | 4 CITIEs in 2 weeks!

Summer 2017 has been good to me! In July I went to Brazil for the second time in my life and I must say that it was one of the best experiences in my life. During my month long visit, my friends and I traveled to 4 cities, Sete Lagoas, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo.  I was able to see so much of Brazil and experience Brazilian life by staying with locals. We saw the beautiful beaches of Rio, a waterfall in Sete Lagoas, Afro-Brazilian history in Salvador, and a busy metropolis in São Paulo. 


Wow! I have to say that Cancun reminded me of the beautiful natural bodies of water that exist and further understand the contributions of the Mayan people. Going to XPLOR park was an experience that I highly recommend to anyone going to Cancun. Next time I hope to check out the other two parks. What makes the park unique is that you feel immersed in the wild. I can't think of a park in the United States that would come close to what this park offers. I'm sure there are better parks than XPLOR that exist. The visit to Chichzen Itza was incredible but the highlight of the trip was swimming in the Cenote. The crystal clear water was jaw-dropping and to know that this was a natural spring....WOW

My Birthday x Universal studios

This year I decided to go to Universal Studios Orlando for my birthday. I choose to be a big kid and had a great time. I've always dreamed of going to Disney World so I originally planned to go there. I later changed my mind after researching the attractions at Disney. I'm not a big Disney fan and figured I would much rather go to theme park park featuring rides that were for all ages. Most of the  rides at Disney were geared to children under the age of 10, and Universal Studios is more interesting for adult (at least to me). One day I will do to Disney but I will probably be visiting Universal Studios again before I do. 

Brazil x Capoeira 

 In November 2015, I travel to Brazil for the first time to visit my mestre, Mestre Esquilo and the International Capoeira School in Brazil.

When I bought my plane tickets, I knew there was no turning back and that I was GOING TO BRAZIL. Practicing capoeira for several years, this trip was the biggest moment in my capoeira journey. While I had not yet mastered Portuguese (the native language of Brazil), I was not prepared for the feeling that I felt when played capoeira in a street roda. I was playing capoeira with people who I could barely communicate with through words yet we could express ourselves through this beautiful art form. I never felt more aware of who I was and my place in the world until I visited Brazil. I realized that I am one small piece of a much larger puzzle. Belo Horizonte is a beautiful city and I plan to go back there.

Next time I hope to visit other parts of Brazil such as Bahia, Ouro Preto, São Paulo, and the Amazon. Capoeira allows for opportunities to travel to various cities around the world and for that I'm very thankful. 

Capoeira x Moscow

Moscow?!?!?! I would have never thought that I would have gone to Moscow, Russia. Because of capoeira in May 2015 I had travelled to Moscow for Mestre Cueca's 1st capoeira event.

What was most interesting about my trip was this feeling over being stuck in time. Many Russians often starred at me especially older Russians which I learned was due to the fact that many had not seen or been around people from other countries specially people of color. Most younger Russians attend college or universities where they come in contact with people of color from other nations. I did not feel that I was being starred at because they hated rather I felt I was being looked at with a sense of curiosity. It was obvious that they were in awe to see a person with brown skin. The Brazilians attending the event noticed the same thing. This only occurred at times when walking around the city. At the capoeira event, I never once felt out of place.

Food in Moscow was also very interesting. I found that sour cream was popular part of Russian food. When you lactose intolerant, the idea of sour cream is not that appeasing. Whenever I travel I always try to order foods that are common in the country I'm visiting. For breakfast, I had a Russian pancake which seemed more like a French crêpe to me with sour cream stuffed with beef. I didn't use the sour cream much but the pancake was good. Another morning, I had porridge which was very similar to oatmeal. For dinner, I had a beet soup which I found to be really good but cold. Cold soups aren't something I eat often at home. 

Overall my trip to Moscow was something that I will remember and I hope to visit there again!